Clarens Brewery is one of the country’s first Brew-Pub, Cidery and Distillery set in the foot-hills of the magnificent Maluti Mountains where our fun-loving team has the thrill of brewing, talking, serving and enjoying great beers, ciders and distillate, all whilst being part of the fantastic craft revolution that is sweeping our country.  
Our brewer, Stephan Meyer, is a true beer lover and was blown away by the variety of beers during a trip to the UK in the early 90’s and could not wait to start brewing his own. Our pure fruit ciders were born of a need to use all the fruits of our apple and cherry orchards and making cider is so much more fun than making jam!
The love of brewing and distilling drives us to innovate  and develop new products all the time. Our passion for this fledgling industry motivates us to talk to, educate, challenge and transform the novice or traditional consumer into a craft aficionado and to engage with fellow-brewers to constantly learn, share and brew!

We brew 8000 litres a month on a 800 litre stainless steel system.  We hand craft  full-grain ales with the finest malts and hops sourced both locally and internationally with no compromise on quality and have been doing so since 2006.
We have 8 ales in our standard range complimented by various seasonal ales and festival specials. Winter in our neck of the woods can be severe but love it since we brew Trappist style Ales to bolster us through.  
Stephan built the majority of the brewery himself from reclaimed vessels from the dairy and chemical industries – a fact that he is very proud of.
We brew close to 200,000 litres of cider under our Red Stone Cider label each year on a belt press imported from Austria in 2005 with apples, berries and cherries sourced from the local farmers. We have a range of fruit juices as well; Apple, Cherry & Pineapple.
We distil both whiskey and apple brandy in a 1000l column distil affectionately called The Hunkeler.  (It’s a long story)
And finally (for now) our Red Stone range of fruit liqueurs are all made from local fruit. 
We offer free tasters and brewery tours and have a delicious lunch menu focusing on German style sausages, local organic cheeses, local breads, relishes and pickles.  And our own cherry or apple juice is free for the little ones.

Besides a great love enjoying fine beers  we’re on a mission to provide the best quality beers and ciders that we possibly can and to sway a commercial beer or cider drinker into starting the journey of discovery into the delicious world of craft beer and cider.  
For us the kicker is seeing the faces of our visitors as they go through the taster panel and finding a favourite. We love explaining the nuances, flavours, styles, techniques and more. 
It’s important to us to support and grow the industry and we work hard, every day, at building its image, creating a demand and preaching the craft-gospel. 
Most of all we love our brewery, our team, our little village and of course, beer!

Clarens Blonde

A light golden ale with a sweet malty aroma with the distinct biscuity flavour of malt with a light hop finish.

IBU 22 - 4.5% Alc/VOL

Clarens Weiss

This authentic German-style unfiltered wheat beer has a fruity, spicy aroma of banana and clove and zesty, malty sweetness which lingers for a refreshing sensation.

IBU 20 - 4.5% Alc/VOL

Clarens IPA

India Pale Ale with very distinct, fruity hop character perfectly balanced with malty bitterness and dry finish.
Winner Best of Show SA On Tap Craft Beer Festival 2013.

IBU 55 - 6,5% Alc/VOL

Clarens Red

An ale with a delightful fruity hop character true to the style popular on the west coast of the USA, with perfectly balanced toasty rich maltiness and a long, refreshing, smooth finish.
Winner Most Popular of Show SA On Tap Craft Beer Festival 2012

IBU 24 - 4.5% Alc/VOL

English Ale

An amber coloured ale with medium-bodied caramel malt flavour, a hint of nuttiness and medium hop bitterness with a dry refreshing finish.

IBU 24 - 4.5% Alc/VOL

1912 APA

American Pale Ale named after the year in which the village it is brewed in, was born. A pale golden ale with bold, refreshing citrus, ruby grapefruit and slightly grassy flavours and a subtle malt character. With its’ dry, crisp bitterness and highly enjoyable hop character this is an excellent session beer.

IBU 34 - Alc/VOL 4.5%


A dark, sweet and full-bodied ale with subtle chocolate aromas and a creamy head offering real winter warming comforts.

IBU 20 - 5.5% Alc/VOL


Single Malt, Single Hop style beer is a simple style designed to showcase the quality of the malt and hops in the beer. Ours is deliciously fruity with a passion fruit punch on the nose and in the taste. It is light bodied, quaffable and refreshing – perfect for hot summer days.

IBU 22 - Alc/VOL 4%

Pukka Porter

Our Pukka Porter is a smooth, dark beer with an initial sweetness from vanilla pods soaked in bourbon followed by a dry finish where the bourbon flavour comes through beautifully. Caramel malts carry these bold flavours well offering a full-bodied, generous mouth feel.

IBU 24 - ALC/VOL 4.5%

Clarens Goes Nuts

Brewed for the annual Clarens Craft Beer Festival when our village of Clarens does go nuts, this hazelnut infused brown ale is caramel in colour with a rich nutty flavour. It has a smooth malt finish with slight vanilla undertones making it something different and interesting, just like our village during the Beer Festival!

IBU 25 - ALC/VOL 4.5%
To read more about our Craft Gins, Ciders, Juices and Liqueurs please visit our Redstone Craft website by clicking the image below


The Kitchen Crew

Some of our lovely kitchen ladies (Pricillia Mokoena, Elizabeth Mokoena, Gladys Miya

Master Brewers

Stephan and his brew crew (Piet Mokoena, Fusi Nyefolo, Stephan Meyer, Ben Semase & Motebang Mokoena)


Our floor staff are there to look after our visitor’s every need and to ensure that they have the best experience of our brew pub. We need people-loving, energetic people to engage with our visitors about our products and serve the beer  and cider we so proudly produce. 
You will need 1 years’ experience in the restaurant industry. Previous experience in the craft beer industry is not expected but would count strongly in your favour.  The ability to communicate well in both English and Afrikaans are pre-requisites.

Our brewery’s modus operandi is very much team focused; we’re like a family with every member valued for their contribution. We work hard and play hard. We are energetic and spirited. If you can contribute to our team in a structured but fun environment, please mail your CV to info@clarensbrewery.co.za.  Successful candidates will be contacted within 2 weeks.
We are lucky enough to have locals and loyal supporters who love our brewery as much as we do.  Just to give some of that love back, we have something special for you.  Pop into the brewery, sign up for your loveLOYAL card and get a free bottle of our own cherry liqueur while you’re at it. Once you have your loveLOYAL card, flash, flip or flick it when you visit us to get your bill discounted.  Ti’s true!  And yes, T&C’s apply – even in a brewery in a sleepy-but-hip little dorp…

Terms and conditions a.k.a the rules:
  • A discount of 10% is applicable on all the beer, cider, juice and liqueur we produce ourselves.
  • The discount cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Take-away bottles already discounted cannot be further discounted, sorry!
  • The card can only be used by the registered fan (we know them all, promise).

Clarens Craft Beer Festival 23 & 24 Feb 2018 www.clarenscraftbeerfest.com




+27 (0)58 256 1193

+27 (0)64 873 7556




Shop 1, Rosemary Centre, 326 Main Street, Clarens

Free State, South Africa

Trading Hours:

Monday – Thursday

10h00 – 19h00

Friday & Saturday

10h00 – 22h00


10h00 – 18h00

Reservations: sorry folks but we don’t take reservations. Being a brew-pub we have lots of folks popping in for a quick beer and reserved tables makes that very difficult to facilitate. However, if you arrive and there is no table, please join us around the bar for a free taster and we will shoot you over to the first table that becomes available.